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I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.


Albert Einstein

Sam Salam


The off-shore industry has been the subject of much interest in the last years. With increasing globalization there are neither borders nor limits. Nowadays not only rich and famous can take advantage of it but everyone with a vision, who sees the potential of the off-shore business mechanics.

Ambition of Afro-Asia Inc. is to link businesses, cultures and countries in an easily accessible system.

Sam Salam,

Our Mission Statement

To address the core values of our customers by using the maximum resources, skills and knowledge.


The future and success of any organization lays in the growth and stability of relationships with partners, clients and its members.

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Mr. Sam Salam's (C.E.O.) short bio

Mr. Salam obtained his bachelor degree in Business Administration & Marketing in the Netherlands. His life journey evolves around marketing and international business development. His success can be attributed to his goal oriented mind set.

To his varied experience Mr. Salam has worked as a pilot flying nearly 750 hours across Canada and Middle East. He holds a commercial pilot licence to operate multi engine and commercial aircrafts. When coming across the AFRO-Asia magazine he was fascinated with the idea, and in 1997 he join the company. Soon he became one of the principal managers and in 2002 he took over the company.

Mr. Salam speaks 4 languages: English, French, Dutch, and Arabic, which give him a great competitive advantage over the typical C.E.O. This, combined with his personality, helps him to get easy acquaintance with ambassadors, ministers and dignitaries across the globe, during his busy traveling itinerary.

Over the years working as C.E.O. of AFRO-Asia Inc. Mr. Salam had a chance to meet:

  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Edward Richard George Heath
  • Ambassador of the United States, April Glaspie
  • Federal minister of foreign affairs of Austria, Kurt Waldheim
  • Minister of foreign affairs of China, Qian Qichen
  • Prime minister of Japan, Nakasone Yasuhiro
  • Member of democratic party of Japan, Koko Sato
  • Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto
  • President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega
  • Head of the Intelligent Service of Russia, Yafgini Primakov
  • Shadow senator for the District of Columbia of the United States, Jesse Jackson
  • the US National Boxer Champion 1991, Muhammad Ali Klein
  • Ambassador of Brazil, Sergio Arruda
  • Ambassador of Mexico, Jorge Alberto Lozoya
  • Ambassador of Peru, Mejandro A. Gordillo
  • Minister of High Commition of Nigeria, Jiwa O. Adelanwa
  • Minister of culture and tourism of Ethiopia, Aman AbdulKedir
  • Ambassador of Angola, Manuel Augusto
  • Ambassador of Zimbabwe, Andrew H. Mtetwa
  • Ambassador of Sierra Leon, Andrew G. Bangali
  • Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Canada, Philip S. Lee

With his natural ambition for success and quality he has become the key person in developing successful international organization, the AFRO-Asia Inc.

There are many wonderful places in the world but the most wodreful place is where your friends are. We would like to create such a place for you as much as you like to find it. We belive that by creating the international network of people with the same life values will make our effort a reality. When you contact us ask how we are doing it.

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For Afro-Asia, Sam Salam