Gulf Air is the principal flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Headquartered in Muharraq, adjacent to Bahrain International Airport, the airline operates scheduled services to 41 destinations in 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Bahrain comprises of a cluster of thirty three islands, which occupies an area of more than seven hundred square kilometers. This archipelago located in the Arabian Gulf, form the eastern shoreline of Saudi Arabia. The local time followed in the country of Bahrain is GMT + 3 hours. The terrain has derived its name from the major and biggest island Bahrain, which occupies more than five hundred and fifty square kilometers. The state is well connected by a route to Muharraq, the international airport and Sitra, the down town area, as well as the country region. A huge gamut of small islands is there near the main island of Bahrain but these islands are mostly abandoned. These islands attract many species of migratory birds which come here in spring and autumn every year. The Arabian Gulf possesses standard deepness of about 36 meters and most of it is in the surrounding area of Bahrain.

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In the country of Bahrain though the English language is widely understood and is applied by the majority of business sectors, but Arabic is considered as official language. Coming to religion, Islam is the most eminent religion of Bahrain and is observed by the majority of the population. Besides this the houses of worship of other religions are also found in the country of Bahrain. The climatic condition of the island of Bahrain is influenced by warm summer and cool winter. Usually from November to April the climate is really enjoyable and charming, with temperature ranging from 15 to 24 degree Celsius. Usually the weather becomes coolest between the month of December and March. Months from July to September are dominated by extreme humidity. The yearly standard precipitation is, on an average, 78 millimeters.

This constitutional monarchy in the Gulf region was among the first to discover and benefit from the vast reserves of oil.

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King of Bahrain

Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al KhalifaHamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (Arabic: حمد بن عيسى بن سلمان آل خليفة‎; born 28 January 1950, Riffa, Bahrain) is the King of Bahrain (since 14 February 2002), having previously been its Emir (from 6 March 1999). He is the son of Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the previous Emir. King Hamad was designated as heir apparent by his father on 27 June 1964. In 1968 King Hamad was appointed as the Chairman of the Irrigation Council and Manama Municipal Council. He was commissioned into the Bahrain National Guard on 16 February 1968 and appointed as its commander the same year, remaining in that post until 1969 when he was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defence Force. In 1970 King Hamad became the head of the Bahraini Department of Defence and the Vice-Chairman of the Administrative Council, remaining in both offices until 1971. From 1971 to 1988 he was the Minister of State for Defence. [read more...]

C.E.O. of Gulf Air

BahrainSamer Majali is a Jordanian businessman and the current CEO of Gulf Air . Majali has also served as the CEO of Royal Jordanian airlines from 2002-2009, and was credited for transforming the airline into one of the most successful in the region. Under his management, the airline recorded its first ever net profit. Upon his successful management of RJ He was persuade by the Government of Bahrain to assumed the position of CEO of Gulf Air in 2009. His career began in 1979.




Manama (Arabic: المنامة‎ Al Manāma) is the capital and largest city of Bahrain, with an approximate population of 155,000 people. Long an important trading center in the Persian Gulf, Manama is home to a very diverse population. After periods of Portuguese and Persian control and invasions from the Al Sauds and Oman, Bahrain established itself as an independent nation during the 19th century period of British hegemony. In the 20th century, Bahrain's oil wealth helped spur fast growth and in the 1990s a concerted diversification effort led to expansion in other industries and helped transform Manama into an important financial hub in the Middle East.

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