Air Canada is Canada's largest airline and flag carrier. The airline, founded in 1936, provides scheduled and charter air transportation for passengers and cargo to 178 destinations worldwide. Air Canada is the world's 8th largest passenger airline by fleet size, and the airline is a founding member of Star Alliance, an alliance of 26 member airlines formed in 1997. The airline's parent company is the publicly traded firm ACE Aviation Holdings.

» Message from Mayor of Vancouver City, Gregor Robertson

Canada occupies a major northern portion of North America, sharing land borders with the contiguous United States to the south and the U.S. state of Alaska to the northwest, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west; to the north lies the Arctic Ocean. By total area (including its waters), Canada is the second largest country in the world—after Russia—and largest on the continent. By land area, it ranks fourth. Since 1925, Canada has claimed the portion of the Arctic between 60°W and 141°W longitude, but this claim is not universally recognized. The northernmost settlement in Canada (and the world) is Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island—latitude 82.5°N—just 817 kilometres (450 nautical miles, 508 miles) from the North Pole. Canada has the longest coastline in the world: 243,000 kilometres (151,000 miles).

Granville Island bird-view of vancouver Vancouver at night
Capitol of BC, Victoria Largest country after Russia Natural habitat for rare species

The population density, 3.5 inhabitants per square kilometre (9.1/sq mi), is among the lowest in the world. The most densely populated part of the country is the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor, (Southern Quebec - Southern Ontario) along the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River in the southeast.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is recognized as one of the world's most livable cities due to its location by the Coast Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. Its first settlers were Coast Salish people. The archaeological evidence shows that they had settled the Vancouver area by 500 BC.

Granville Island bird-view of vancouver Vancouver at night
Granville Island, Vancouver Bird view of the Vancouver downtown Vancouver at night

The City of Vancouver is renowned for its innovative programs in the areas of sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity. In 2010, Vancouver will host the world at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Granville Island bird-view of vancouver Vancouver at night
Snow boarding, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver Rockies


Vancouver is the eighth largest city in Canada with a population of 578,000 (2006 census) and has one of the mildest climates in Canada with temperatures averaging around 3 degrees celsius in January and 18 degrees celsius in July. It covers 114.7 sq km (44.3 sq miles), and is part of Metro Vancouver, the third largest metropolitan area in Canada, with a population of 2.1 million (2006 census).

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Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg It is located near the longitudinal centre of North America, at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. The city is found on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies. The Winnipeg area was a trading centre for Aboriginal peoples prior to the arrival of Europeans. The first fort was built there in 1738 by French traders. Winnipeg is culturally diverse. The city has the highest Filipino population percentage of any municipality in Canada and one of the largest Aboriginal percentages.

Red River Assiniboine Park Esplanade Riel
Red River Assinibonie Park Esplanade Riel


Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada, with a census area population of 730,018 in the Canada 2011 Census. The name "Winnipeg" comes from the Cree for "muddy waters." Winnipeg is the seventh-largest municipality in Canada, and is the primary municipality of the Winnipeg Capital Region (population of 730,305), with more than half of Manitoba's population.

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Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin TrudeauAs Born on December 25, 1971, Justin Trudeau is Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. A teacher, father, advocate, and leader, Mr. Trudeau’s vision of our country is a place where everyone has a shot at success because we have the confidence and leadership to invest in Canadians. His passion for public service and vision for Canada are shaped by his experiences and influences — his father, Pierre, and mother, Margaret; the Trudeau and Sinclair families; his roots in the East and West, French and English. [read more...]



Minister of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada,
Mr. Jason Kenny

Minister of Immigration CanadaMinister Jason Kenny was appointed Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism on October 30, 2008. He was reappointed to the portfolio on May 18, 2011 and given the added responsibility of Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Operations. The committee provides day-to-day coordination of the government’s agenda, including issues management, legislation and house planning, and communications. Jason Kenney was first elected to the House of Commons in 1997 and has been re-elected five times. He was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister in 2006, and Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity) in 2007. [read more...]


Mayor of Vancouver, BC - Gregor Robertson

Mayor fo Vancouer Gregor RobertsonMayor Gregor Robertson was elected Mayor of Vancouver on November 15, 2008. He is committed to building a sustainable and prosperous future for Vancouver. Prior to entering politics, Gregor co-founded Happy Planet, and grew the Vancouver-based socially responsible company up to 50 employees in 10 years. Happy Planet produces organic juices, promotes health and nutrition, and supports family farms and communities. Happy Planet received the Ethics in Action Award in 2004, and was awarded the Vancouver Mayor's Environmental Award for exemplary achievement in 2003. For his achievements as a successful entrepreneur and community leader, Gregor was named one of Canada’s “Top 40 under 40” by The Globe and Mail in 2004. [read more...]

  • A word from the Mayor, Gregor Robertson [read the letter]

    Mayor of Victoria, BC - Dean Fortin

    Mayor of VictoriaMayor Dean Fortin became the 51st Mayor of Victoria when he was elected on November 15, 2008, and was sworn into office for a second term on December 8, 2011. His top priorities include addressing the severe shortage of affordable housing in the city, the complex issue of homelessness, sustainable growth, supporting a vibrant downtown, and advancing a transportation strategy that meets the needs of the growing region. He is also the Co-Chair for the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, and serves on the Victoria Regional Transit Commission. [read more...]

  • A word from the Mayor, Dean Fortin [read the letter]

    Mayor of Surrey, BC - Dianne Watts

    Mayor of VictoriaMayor Dianne Watts was first elected as Mayor of Surrey in 2005 after serving nine years on City Council. She was re-elected for her third term in 2011, and serves as Vice-Chair of Canada’s Big City Mayors’ Caucus and Chair of Metro Vancouver's Port Cities Committee.
    As Mayor of B.C.’s fastest growing city, her brand of civic leadership includes forming partnerships with other levels of government and the private sector in order to build healthy, vibrant communities. She believes in bringing people together and engaging the community in order to move Surrey forward. [read more...]

  • A word from the Mayor, Dianne Watts [read the letter]

    Mayor of Edmonton, AB - Stephen Mandel

    Mayor of Victoria Serving Alberta’s Capital City for a third term, Mayor Stephen Mandel has led the City of Edmonton since October 2004. He is a strong advocate for Alberta municipalities, ensuring they receive a fair share of funding to pay for vital infrastructure and community services. His bold vision to improve the integration of services in the Edmonton region encouraged the Province to create a new governance body responsible for building a more effective regional plan, which has marked a new era of cooperation and growth. [read more...]

  • A word from the Mayor, Stephen Mandel [read the letter]

    Mayor of Regina, SK - Pat Fiacco

    Mayor of VictoriaMayor Pat Fiacco is Regina’s 33rd mayor and was elected to his fourth term on October 28, 2009 with 85 per cent of the vote. Over the course of his first three terms, he has been part of some monumental changes affecting Regina’s future. At every turn, new records are being set and a dream of a better future for all Reginans is realized. During his time as Mayor, Pat Fiacco has been tough on crime seeing it drop to levels not witnessed since the early 90s. Working with the Chief of Police, they’ve put more officers on the streets and reduced auto thefts by nearly 60 per cent. [read more...]

  • A word from the Mayor, Pat Fiacco [read the letter]

    Mayor of Winnipeg, MB - Sam Katz

    Mayor of VictoriaMayor Sam Katz was able to ride this business success and voluntary work into Winnipeg City Hall as its 42nd mayor in a by-election in 2004 (caused by the resignation of Mayor Glenn Murray) and was able to secure re-election to a full term in 2006. Previous mayor Glenn Murray had achieved a national profile with the city’s staging of the 1999 Pan American Games and unsuccessfully ran on behalf of the Liberal Party in the 2004 federal election, becoming the first Winnipeg mayor to resign mid-term in the process. In the by-election which ensued, Katz beat nearest rival deputy mayor Dan Vandal 42% to 24% and provincial legislator MaryAnn Mihychuk by an even greater margin. He secured almost 62% of the vote in the October 2006 general election in the city, beating Manitoba legislator Marianne Cerilli into second place on 23%. Katz follows Murray in that he is the first Jewish mayor of the city, while Murray held the distinction of being the first openly gay mayor in Canada. [read more...]

  • A word from the Mayor, Sam Katz [read the letter]


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